Latest work



golden retriever puppy in a wooden bucket
large chocolate doodle wearing large green bow looking serious
large chocolate doodle wearing Christmas wreath around neck
close up of smiling white doodle wearing blue collar
young golden retriever puppy sitting on grey paper
black dog lying on the hardwood floor looking up
dog on the bed
dog standing over the dog dishes on the stand
close up of smiling german shepherd on white background
german shepherd wearing American flag bandana
German Shepherd wearing large red and black checked bow
australian shepherd puppy wearing santa shirt
australian shepherd puppy wearing santa shirt walking towards camera
large chocolate doodle sitting down wearing Christmas wreath around neck
close up of chocolate doodle being given snowman frosted cookie
head shot of smiling large chocolate doodle wearing big green bow
Beautiful black fluffy dog standing in the snow
black fluffy dog catching the stick on the snow
close up of mixed breed with curious look on face
close up of a black dog chewing on a stick on the snow looking at the camera
big black dog laying on the snow with a stick
dog on the log licking the lips
very sad dog face  sad eyes big ears
sad dog sitting
dog face big ears tongue out
dog runing two legs in the air
dog starring at the lens funny pose
dog running funny  in the city
dog gracefully running in the city
dog running on the trail looking into camera
funny face dog shaking its head
skinny dog running in the park
focused dog tail up attention
white dog hunting pose in the park
dog asking for permision to enter the room
big black dog sniffing drity snow
black  dog in the stream in the forest fishing
close up of back dog dripping water in the pond


Bunny with christmas tree
Border Collie in the Snow
Red Merle Border Collie with Wreath around neck
Christmas Pug wearing a scarf
Border Collie with Christmas bow
Pug in Pearls
Pug Holiday Portrait
Shetland Sheepdog with Christmas Wreath
golden retriever in Christmas collar on white background