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A happy chocolate lab with autumn grasses
A chocolate lab on a bridge in fall
A happy chocolate lab with red fall leaves
A happy lab posing with his parents on a bridge in autumn
A chocolate lab posing with his family
Chocolate Labrador against fall grasses
A dog sitting next to mom while she enjoys a cup of coffee
Chocolate lab surrounded by toys
A senior yellow lab barking in front of fall grasses
Yellow lab in autumn
A chocolate lab in front of an autumn pond
A golden retriever fetches a stick out of the water
A black dog is walking down a trail through tall grasses
Two large white dogs are taking a break with their mom on a hike
Chocolate lab waiting for owner
A black dog pauses to wait for her owner while walking down a dirt road
A black lab lying on the grass with a frog toy
A black mixed breed dog wearing a scarf in winter
A doberman and young lab stand side by side in matching collars
A young lab runs through the grass
Newfoundland dog wearing a backpack in the forest
A doberman and young lab run through the grass
An older black lab standing on the trail at sunset
A newfoundland dog in a forest clearing
An older black lab is running out of the lake
A large back dog in a harness is happily running in the lake
A newfoundland dog on a woodland hike
A Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the snow
A woman adjusts the dog's boots mid run
A long haired chihuahua is wearing a collar and bow tie in a studio
A rabbit in a classical courtyard
A small long haired chihuahua is begging while wearing a bandana
A small mixed breed dog cuddled by it's owners
A dog is sniffing a bag of hiking supplies
A small mixed breed dog cradled by her owner
A woman attaches a leash as they prepare to go for a hike
Portuguese Water Dog stands in tall grasses
A happy yellow lab in fall leaves
A golden retriever takes a break in the sand
A black dog looking out over the ocean at sunset


A small white dog happily running along the sandy ocean shore
A large mixed breed dog standing next to a vintage airstream trailer in the fall.
A herding dog fetching a tennis ball between two lines of trees
A yellow lab dripping wet standing on the edge of a lake
A yellow lab chewing a stick in the fall in an open forest
A yellow lab sitting on leaves in open forest
A Chow Chow posing proudly outside in a backyard
A lab in a flower collar walking in a vineyard
A small dog relaxing outside in the backyard on a hammock bed next to toys